The subject aims to prepare the undergraduate students of childhood education in the fundamental elements of English language teaching considering the theoretical and pedagogical guidelines that are resignified in the educational act, which are consistent with the changes and the current multicultural conditions.

English didactic in childhood education is targeted for students, a need of professional formation as they are living in a global village in which they interact with cultural universes that need methodological strategies  and appropriate pedagogies for the learners of childhood education.

These mechanisms are intended to empower students and make them able to develop skills for the implementation of activities in this language, and further, that they can use the wide variety of available resources in the enrichment of their teaching work.

This course emphasizes differentiating English depending on the context in a bilingual language, second language or foreign language, at the same time appropriation of the common European framework when it comes to teaching a second language, finally the methods analyzed from the education specialists of the English language that provide coherent tools for teacher training before the levels of English they have and that of the context.